jam across space and time
Enable amateur musicians to share recordings to music they like, thereby promote the artist with their circle of friends and family.

What's the problem?

Copyright law is confusing. Whistling a popular tune can be a copyright infringement, if a rights-holder decides to enforce it.

When uploading a recording you can be, but are mostly not, at risk of serious consequences. But as a law abiding citizen one wants to be sure that uploading you Ukulele clip, does not cause you any harm. Just remember: Louis Cole does not care about or is offended by your dub.

How to fix it?

Ask artist and labels to make limited assurances, that do not amount to a license to the copyrighted work. It essentially boils down to a statement, that take-downs are requested, before any legal action is considered, in the scope of a clear definition of a dub.

Can I help?

Sure you can! Right now you can give me encouragement or suggestions by telling me. For now I will keep on doing my thing and playing my drum.

If enough people support the idea, we can get make this jam a reality.